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Silvio Carta wins 3 medals at the 2023 Meininger International Spirits Award

Nino Mason - 28 April 2023 - 0 comments

Silvio Carta has won two gold medals and one silver medal at the Meininger’s International Spirits Award 2023 for their products: Amaro Estremista with only 3% alcohol (Golden Medal), Vermouth Rosso (Golden Medal), and Gin per Te (Silver Medal).

We are very happy,” says Elio Carta, master distiller and CEO of Silvio Carta, “for these awards that come from participating in one of the most prestigious competitions in the world. Bringing home such a rich medal count, with three products that are so different from each other, is a great achievement for our company. We consider this success as a beautiful confirmation of the work we do every day and as a new starting point to improve ourselves always. Sardinia, especially the province of Oristano, is an extraordinary natural and productive reality. Telling and spreading it around the world through our distillates is one of our greatest ambitions.

Amaro Estremista 3°

This amaro is made by infusing herbs from the Sardinian Mediterranean scrub in low-alcohol to extract only the most noble aromatic part of the native botanicals. This technique allowed Silvio Carta to obtain an amaro with only 3% alcohol, with high balsamic notes, rich in complexity and harmony, lovingly combined with the presence of Sardinian honey.

The entire production process is green because the native herbs are freshly picked from the company’s botanical garden located in Zeddiani along the west coast of the island. The extraction is done cold with very low alcohol content to recover the most aromatic part of the botanicals, and the energy used during the entire production process is completely obtained thanks to the 2 megawatts provided by the photovoltaic panels present in the distillery and liquor factory. But not only that, all the botanicals, once the infusion period is over, are reused as biofuels.

Vermouth Rosso

Using an old family recipe, a result of the historic meeting between Piedmont and Sardinia during the unification of Italy, this vermouth is obtained using vernaccia di Oristano as a base, aged for at least five years in barrels made of Sardinian chestnut wood.

The color is intense ebony, and the vermouth slides into the glass sinuous and enveloping. On the nose, it expresses multiple aromas of Mediterranean scrub, rosemary, laurel, resins, pine needles, and pine nuts, on a background of light sea puffs.

The taste is intense, soft, and round, in perfect balance with the alcoholic note and rich in returns, between herbs and ripe fruit, towards a decisive and clean finish that leaves behind a long mineral trail.

Gin per Te

This London Dry gin is made with hand-picked Sardinian juniper. Its taste is decisive, unequivocal in its sweetness and passionate essence. Straight to the point without frills, like a good London Dry, but violently exciting with its Mediterranean soul.

Overwhelming with perfumes, intense bouquet inspired by the sea and the wind that draws the coasts of Sinis and the peaks of Gennargentu. The Island is present in every sip. Sapidity and freshness play like in the season of love with the most intense notes of Mediterranean scrub, balsamic, and harmonious, but never excessively intrusive.

The Competition

Established in 2004, the Meininger’s International Spirits Award Isw is one of the most important international contests dedicated to the world of spirits and wines, born at the behest of the German publishing house Meininger Verlag, one of the oldest in Germany.

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