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Silvio Carta ambassador of Italy to the 2020 international competitions

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Three gold medals at the prestigious English award. Grifu Limu, the only tricolor gin on the top step of the podium.

Mirto del Fondatore and Bitteroma Rosso were also awarded at the German ISWs. Vernaccia 2006 conquers Belgium.

“Quality is never accidental; it is always the result of an intelligent effort”. John Ruskin wrote it in the nineteenth century, recounting the allure of other times, where effort and commitment were a virtue. Today, in 2020, the Silvio Carta Distilleries continue to make this concept their only true philosophy. A pride, a flag, a belief that continues to bring, year after year, even in the period of Covid-19, great satisfaction. Satisfaction such as the three gold medals won at the IWSC Award 2020: Bitteroma Rosso (96/100), Mirto del Fondatore (95/100) and Grifu Limu Gin (95/100). This last and only Italian Gin to be awarded the gold medal. The Bitteroma and the Mirto del Fondatore return home doubly world champions, also awarded the German ISW ​​gold medals. Great satisfaction also for the last pearl of the company’s wine sector, Vernaccia di Oristano Doc Riserva 2006 becomes queen of Belgium, bringing home an encore of important medals. Silver medal at the Concours Mondial Brussels – The United Nations of Wines and Silver medal for Monde Selection – Concours international des vins.


Aromatic herbs, sage and wild plum for an enveloping liquid, sweet and bitter at the same time. A product that has been describing Sardinia for centuries, which has reached the top of the world of liqueur production. A success for the Zeddiani company, closely linked to this recipe designed to honor the family history. History has it, in fact, that in the winter of 1939 the myrtle was essential in saving the population of Baratili San Pietro from frost and famine. It was on that occasion that Silvio’s mother, and Elio’s grandmother, put a handful in a measuring cup of Vernaccia distillate to help preserve the berries: thus, the first myrtle-based liqueur of all time was born. That liqueur is now reborn in a tribute to the history and spirit, always young and indomitable, like Mirto, of the company’s patriarch.


The only Italian Gin to secure the gold medal at the IWSC 2020, Grifu Limu is the perfect standard-bearer of the new movement of native gins that has spread in recent years. The Silvio Carta company, a pioneer in quality distillation in our country, has concentrated the region and its history in this bottle with an eccentric and colorful label. Created using only spontaneous botanicals from the area that grows near the sea and a particular endemic sage, with the addition of citrus fruits collected in the company’s botanical garden. This particular processing of the botanicals infused fresh, just hand-picked, allows to transfer a high softness to the gin, with a delicate and citrusy finish.


A successful bet, this Bitter born less than a year ago that has already established itself on the market and on the international scene with great strength and character. A character that makes a fine show of itself already on the label, that smells of art, with clear futurist references. With a clear scent of Mediterranean scrub, Bitteroma Rosso is transversal and democratic in combinations, with a citrus finish and the predominant bitter note that make it perfect for blending. Simply perfect for an aperitif even alone or almost, served with ice, a slice of blood orange and a few drops of Angostura. It is impossible that everyone does not agree, for this reason it is “The bitter of peace”.


2006. Fourteen years of aging for this new vintage of the Vernaccia di Oristano Riserva Doc, a wine that represents the history and soul of the Silvio Carta Distilleries. And that comes, with this new label, to collect an important legacy: Vernaccia di Oristano Doc 2004 and Vernaccia di Oristano Doc 1968, which have achieved success throughout Europe. At sight it reveals a deep, complex gold color, a luxury of sight confirmed in the multi-faceted nose of chestnut honey, amaretto, butter, coffee and quince, marine scrub and glazed notes. The balanced, fresh and unforgettable palate closes with notes of bitter almond. A complex wine, almost alchemical, which excites and fascinates those who taste it. In its depth, it represents the land of Sardinia and the company that bottles it here. From the early 1950s to today, in fact, Silvio Carta has revealed a particular vocation for the enhancement of this wine, the oldest in the Oristano area, with allegedly curative virtues and an uncertain origin.

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