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Mirto Bianco

Liqueur of Sardinian myrtle

Mirto Bianco is the soft hug with a scent of myrtle. It’s elegant and enveloping. It’s the union of sweet and sour. A liqueur that knows how to amaze with its authentic, rich but delicate taste, full of Mediterranean memories. Mirto Bianco is a pleasant summer breeze that smells of Sardinia.

70 cl

Bottle size

30% Vol

Alcohol content

Liqueur of Sardinian myrtle


Mirto Bianco


Light color with yellowish-green reflections.


The nose reveals multiple aromas, in addition to the notable presence of myrtle essential oil, other typical aromas of the aromatic herbs of the Mediterranean scrub are perceived, such as thyme, laurel, sage, rosemary and mastic.


When tasted, all these fragrances mix in a very elegant embrace of myrtle with an enveloping and engaging flavor, with vegetal notes. A very refined sweet-bitter tug of war, which leads to an extremely delicate finish full of Mediterranean returns.