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Vermouth Rosso

Red Vermouth

Red lips like blood, white skin like snow, ebony hairs color and big unaffected eyes.
It is a story that was born in Piedmont by their most famous lovers. It is the story of Vermouth.
Elio Carta writes again the future, creating a jewel of pure Sardinian passion:
The red Vermouth.

10 cl

Bottle size

18% Vol

Alcohol content



Silvio Carta Vermouth Rosso

Vermouth rosso


Intense ebony.


The nose expresses multiple aromas of Mediterranean scrub, rosemary, laurel, pine needles, resins and pine nuts, on a background of light marine puffs.


Intense, soft and round, in perfect balance with the alcoholic note and full of returns, between herbs and ripe fruit, towards a decisive and clean finish that carries a long mineral trail behind it.