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Mirto Pilloni

Liqueur of Sardinian myrtle

Mirto Pilloni tells the story of an ancestral Sardinia: proud, florid, sweet and bitter, tasting is a dip in the Mediterranean maquis among aromatic herbs, sage and wild plum. Mirto Pilloni is the great story of the fertile land that generates it.

10 cl

Bottle size

30% Vol

Alcohol content

Liqueur of Sardinian myrtle


Silvio Carta Mirto Pilloni

Mirto Pilloni


Intense dark brown with violet and bright reflections.


The nose reveals multiple aromas, in addition to the intense myrtle, there are other aromas of Mediterranean scrub, aromatic herbs, bay leaf, sage and plum jam.


When tasted, all these smells mix in a very elegant and enveloping myrtle embrace that masters the mouth, subdued by the vegetal notes, in a very refined sweet-bitter tug of war, which leads to a rightly dry finish full of Mediterranean returns .