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Plasir d’été

admin - 29 March 2019 - 0 comments

Silvio Carta’s products

Vermouth Servito


50 ml Vermouth Servito, 15 ml lemon juice, 10 ml sugar syrup, 4 mint leaves, Prosecco to top up, a mint twig and a lemon slice to garnish.


Stir well. Served with crushed ice in a highball glass.


Plaisir d'été is the ideal mix between the intriguing aromas and the softness of Servito, a Vermouth that comes from the younger Vernaccia di Oristano and the pleasantness of Prosecco Doc. Perfect for refreshing the palate after a demanding dinner based on particularly fatty meats and, without too many ‘jolts’, for accompanying with the pleasures of a sweet or a leavened dessert. Suitable (specially designed) as an aperitif, before a fish-based meal with more compact, fatty and aromatic meats (tuna, swordfish and grouper). No to tomato-based sauces. Yes to various traditional risottos, not necessarily made with seafood.

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