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Pigskin Silver


Faithful and passionate. Pigskin Silver is a fascinating gin, like the Mediterranean it contains. It is fresh and spicy. Soft, round and balsamic. A gin of great experience that never disappoints.

Silvio Carta Pigskin Silver

70 cl


40% Vol

40% Vol


London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin


Silvio Carta Grappa Scura

Pigskin Silver


Transparent and clear.


Hints of talc and cotton candy.


In the mouth, it is smooth and fresh.


Pigskin Silver is a London Dry Gin that does not betray. The word ‘Silver’ in the name is not by chance: it contains maturity and experience. It’s a safe haven. It’s a distilled product that releases security and peace.

Pigskin Silver smells good with a signature of wild fennel, myrtle leaves, juniper, mastic and Salvia Desoleana sage. Nutmeg, butter and vanilla are those spicy notes that tell something more, but not too much, of this excellent Gin to be explored.