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Distillates Mignon

Pigskin Pink

Magnetic. It hypnotises you with its cashmere colour. Bewitching. It confuses you with its Mediterranean scents. Alchemical. It bewitches you from the first sip.

10 cl


40% Vol




Silvio Carta Pigskin Pink

Pigskin Pink


Exciting cashmere rose.


It immediately recalls its main botanical plant – myrtle – to then range over fruity and mineral notes of the Mediterranean maquis.


It is sinuous, elegant and balanced in the mouth.


Pigskin Pink is a gin obtained from the infusion and subsequent distillation of the Mediterranean botanical plants of juniper, myrtle leaves, helichrysum, Salvia Desoleana sage and artemisia. After distillation, an infusion of wild berries picked by hand is added to the gin. At the end of this operation, it acquires its pink colour. The very intense perfume is accompanied by the delicate but distinctive marine scent, with typical aromas of the Mediterranean maquis with predominance of artemisia. The flavour is savoury, tasty and refined.