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Distillates Mignon

Old Grifu

Old Grifu is an extremely lively, citrusy and richly scented gin of wild herbs from Sardinia.

It knows it has character, and that it is inebriating and irresistible. Old Grifu is like a summer lover, the ideal friend to rediscover oneโ€™s own lightness.

10 cl


42% Vol


London Dry Gin


Silvio Carta Old Grifu

Old Grifu


Amber, golden.


Hints of citrus fruits and Mediterranean maquis with a slight smoky finish.


Slightly citrusy in perfect balance with the spiciness and softness of the chestnut.


Old Grifu is an original Gin that differs from others. The distillation is slightly faster than Grifuโ€™s, allowing a larger note of aromatic sensors of spontaneous Mediterranean herbs. The addition of fresh tangerine and orange peel before distillation increases body and freshness. After being transferred to chestnut barrels (where Vernaccia wine was ageing before), a concentration of all the aromatic parts is obtained. The final product is a celebration of all the botanical herbs, both at olfactory and tasting level, with a consistent delicate note on the palate. The citrus taste and the enclosed essences make this Gin ideal for cocktails or to be drunk straight, maybe accompanied by a nice cigar.