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Mirto Bianco

Liqueur of Sardinian myrtle

Mirto Bianco is the soft hug with a scent of myrtle. It’s elegant and enveloping. It’s the union of sweet and sour. A liqueur that knows how to amaze with its authentic, rich but delicate taste, full of Mediterranean memories. Mirto Bianco is a pleasant summer breeze that smells of Sardinia.

Silvio Carta Mirto Bianco

70 cl


23% Vol

23% Vol


Liqueur of Sardinian myrtle

Liqueur of Sardinian myrtle


Silvio Carta Grappa Scura

Mirto Bianco


Clear with green-yellowish tinges.


Multiple aromas. Apart from the intense myrtle essential oil, it is possible to detect other typical scents of the aromatic herbs of the maquis: thyme, bay leaves, sage, rosemary and mastic.


These scents mix together in an elegant myrtle hug with an enveloping and engaging taste of vegetable notes. A very refined sweet-and-sour arm wrestling leading to an extremely delicate ending with a rich Mediterranean aftertaste.


Mirto Bianco is a matter of tradition, talent, passion and imagination.

Great intuitions often arise by chance. This was also the case for this precious liqueur. One day, much like any other, Silvio Carta’s wife tried to infuse some myrtle leaves left over from the meat processing in the kitchen. She soaked them in the Vernaccia spirit – which had already been produced by the family for some time – keeping the mixture for about two months, after which she separated the liquid from the leaves. She then added a syrup made of water and sugar.

Thus Mirto Bianco was born. The colour is white with green-yellowish tinges and has a strong balsamic scent, with an intense flavour of myrtle flowers and a very delicate and savoury taste.

To this day, Elio produces Mirto Bianco as per family tradition.