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Giniu 517

An exclusive, precious essence of the art of distillation.

70 cl


51.7 % Vol




Giniu 517




The nose has balsamic notes, intensely reminiscent of Mediterranean scrub and typical aromatic herbs including thyme, fennel and myrtle, together with plant and resin sensations.


On the palate it is savoury, flavourful, delicate and soft. An excellent gustatory balance that makes it infinitely pleasurable and encourages further tasting.


Dressed in platinum and shimmering like a diva, the Giniu 517 bottle contains the Riserva edition of the famous premium gin from the Silvio Carta distillery. A product of the highest quality, its excellence can be recognised in the refined presentation and the name 517. This is not only the gin’s alcohol content, but also the identification number of the plot in Sardinia where the juniper is harvested, at an altitude of over 1,500 metres. It can therefore be classed as a cru gin. This meticulous and obsessive work gives connoisseurs a milestone in the extraordinary world of gin. It is bottled and then distributed around the world so that consumers seeking special delights can savour the flavours, fragrance and finesse of Sardinia.