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Distillates Mignon



BOIGIN is young and unscrupulous. It’s perfect for making a good Italian Gin & Tonic to drink throughout the meal. It is a zero km Gin, because both citrus fruits used as botanical plants and juniper berries come directly from the Sinis peninsula or rather from the Silvio Carta’s botanical garden. A fun Gin for mixing, which also offers excellent ideas in the kitchen. Trying is believing.

10 cl


40% Vol

40% Vol







Transparent, crystal-clear.


Citrus notes and hints of Mediterranean maquis dominate.


Citrusy and particularly fresh. In purity, it expresses all the typical botanical herbs of the Mediterranean maquis.


Boigin is a different kind of gin compared to the previous types. Lemon, tangerine and orange peel have been added. This gives it more body and freshness.

The juniper cones are picked by hand and they are kept in special baskets made with woven reeds during transport, to prevent them from being damaged in the journey.

Boigin is the result of a discontinuous distillation that takes place in copper stills, in which the infusion is heated very slowly and for the entire duration of the distillation, the thermal condition is kept at a temperature just above the evaporation of the alcohol part. The obtained liqueur is clear and transparent with a high alcohol by volume (about 80%), which needs to rest for at least one month in order to reach a complete homogenization. Before bottling, dilution is necessary to bring the alcohol content to 40%.


Risotto agli agrumi

Are you preparing a citron rice recipe?
Try to stew the rice with a little glass of Boigin inside instead of wine, the result will be sensational.



50 ml Boigin, 20 ml Vodka, 50 ml Vermouth Dry, lemon zest to garnish.

Cool a Martini cup. Put all the ingredients in the shaker with some ice cubes and stir for 10 seconds. Remove the ice from the cup, pour the filtered cocktail and let yourself be hypnotized by the opalescent colour of this nectar. Take the lemon zest between your fingers and crush it over the Vesper Martini, perfuming it with the essential oils of the lemon, which release a wonderful breath of freshness.