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Bloody Pig

admin - 4 April 2019 - 0 comments

Prodotti Silvio Carta: Pigskin
Ingredienti: 50 ml Pigskin, 15 ml lemon juice, salt, pepper, 3 drops of Worcestershire sauce, 2 green olives, Tabasco, 70 ml tomato juice, carrot and celery to garnish.
Preparazione: Crush the olives, squeeze the lemon and strain the juice. In a mixing glass, prepare the base of the Bloody Pig with the Worcestershire sauce, the tomato and lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper. Add gin and 2 drops of Tabasco. Then, fill with ice. Swirl the shaker gently, pour into the glass, filter with the strainer, garnish with a slice of carrot and a sprig of celery.
Abbinamento/Consiglio: Bloody Mary is an unmistakable cocktail. Its fiery red colour is unique like the spicy, warm and velvety taste, but with a hot aftertaste that makes the cocktail perfect for hot summer afternoons and for icy winter evenings.

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