Silvio Carta

Grifu ITA

Technical data

Typology: Gin
Bottle size: 70 cl.
Alcohol content: 43% Vol.
Aspect:: clear.
Scent: typical of Gin, with a distinct aromatic note coming from artemisia, the predominant herb among other botanical ones.
Taste: a delicate, smooth and velvety aftertaste of juniper leaves a savoury feeling at the end.



Grifu is a Gin exclusively produced with botanical herbs and plants from the area, where the Mediterranean juniper (Juniperus axycedrus) is predominant with savoury and balsamic sensors due to its proximity to the maritime coast. A fresh and complex Gin, with long distillation times to guarantee a pure and crystal clear product. The bouquet has a distinct aromatic note deriving from a mix of various botanical herbs, with a predominant – yet extremely delicate – sensor of mastic and sage. A delicate, smooth and velvety aftertaste of juniper gives a savoury feeling at the end, similar to a wave leaving the foreshore.




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