Silvio Carta

Vernaccia Brandy

Technical data

Typology: Brandy
Bottle size: 70 cl.
Alcohol content: 45% Vol.
Colour: intense amber.
Scent: intriguing flavour of chestnut honey and amaretto, butter, coffee and quince jelly, sea flora and glazed notes.
Taste: articulate, almost a liquor. It ends with a lingering bitter almond note.



The term Brandy (from the Dutch word branvjn = burned wine) defines all the wine spirits obtained outside the areas of Cognac and Armagnac.Thanks to its ancient wine making tradition, Italy is able to produce great Brandy. In 1773, John Woodhouse was the first person to produce Brandy in Italy. With his arrival in Marsala, he decided to fortify the excellent local wine – Perpetum – by adding distilled wine. The entrepreneur’s desire was to meet the needs of the English market in order to overcome the periodic lack of sweet fortified wines due to constant wars. This initiative saw great success and carried on for many years, until the middle of the 1800s when they decided to sell the company after new business relations between Spain and England began. Brandy is obtained from different varieties of wine. However, that produced by Silvio Carta is unique in the world as it comes from "Vernaccia di Oristano DOC” wine, aged for over 6 years in small hundred-year-old chestnut barrels. Then it is distilled and left to age long-term for 19 years. It is impossible to describe its characteristics: the only way to discover its peculiarities and to have a unique and memorable experience is to taste it. Silvio Carta’s Vernaccia Brandy is targeted at a niche market, with a premium production of only 1889 bottles.




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