Silvio Carta

Mirto Rosso - Gusto Giovane

Classification: Mirto Rosso Liquor - Gusto Giovane.

Alcohol content: 28% Vol.

Bottle size: 70 cl.

Colour: ruby red towards crimson.

Bouquet and taste:the characteristic of the Mirto Gusto Giovane is its pleasantness, coming from using honey unlike the traditional preparation. This allows it to maintain a correct level of sweetness with a lower content of sugar giving the liquor a soft and velvety taste and maintaining the delicate aromas of Mirto without covering them with excessive sweetness. It is best served with ice from bottles kept in the freezer.

Serving temperature: drink frozen.


70 cl. BOTTLE

Product code: 1070101
Alcohol by volume: 28% vol
Bottle EAN code: 8005765888889
Carton EAN code: 8005765963654
No. of bottles per carton: 6
Carton size in cm: Base 19x18,5 H 31
Carton weight: 8,3 Kg.
No. of cartons per platform: 96
No. of cartons per layer: 24
No. of layers per platform: 4
Platform size in cm: Base 80x120 H 138
Platform weight: 819 Kg




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