Silvio Carta

Mirto Bianco

Classification: Mirto Bianco

Alcohol content: 30% Vol.

Bottle size: 70 cl.

Colour: gold.

Bouquet and taste:it is extracted from the most aromatic leaves of the Mirto plant, an evergreen shrub that spontaneously grows in the uncontaminated lands of Sardinia; the liquor is made naturally, without colourings or flavourings. A slow maceration in pure alcohol and a respect for the ancient method of production give this liquor its elegant and delicate taste.

Gastronomic combinations: Perfect at the end of a meal, best served cool to savour the full extent of its aroma and fragrance.

Serving temperature: to be seved frozen.



Codice prodotto: 2070200
Grado alcolico: 30% vol
Codice EAN bottiglia: 8005765966785
Codice EAN cartone: 8005765966877
Numero bottiglie per cartone: 6
Dimensione cartone cm: Base 19x18,5 H 31
Peso cartone: 8,2 Kg.
Numero cartoni per pedana: 96
Numero cartoni per strato: 24
Numero strati per pedana: 4
Dimensione pedana cm: Base 80x120 H 138
Peso pedana: 809 Kg




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