Silvio Carta


Classification: Limoncino - Lemon Liquor.

Alcohol content: 28% Vol.

Bottle size: 70 cl.

Colour: yellow with green reflections.

Bouquet and taste:a genuine and healthy liquor, with a delicate but firm flavour, prepared with expert hands to create a liquor with an unmistakable taste. It is exclusively made from lemons exposed to the warm sun of the Mediterranean. A delicacy that should be drunk cold but not iced, to allow the bouquet to express its best characteristics.

Gastronomic combinations: superb as a digestif after a meal.

Serving temperature: drink frozen.


70 cl. BOTTLE

Product code: 1070300
Alcohol by volume: 28% vol
Bottle EAN code: 8005765320006
Carton EAN code: 8005765963722
No. of bottles per carton: 6
Carton size in cm: Base 19x18,5 H 31
Carton weight: 8,3 Kg.
No. of cartons per platform: 96
No. of cartons per layer: 24
No. of layers per platform: 4
Platform size in cm: Base 80x120 H 138
Platform weight: 819 Kg




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