Silvio Carta

Limoncino Cream

Classification: Lemon Cream.

Alcohol content: 17% Vol.

Bottle size: 50 cl.

Colour: yellow colour with green reflections.

Bouquet and taste:a classy cream that combines the Silvio Carta limoncino with high quality milk. On its own it is superb as an aperitif or digestif. It perfectly matches special breads, dry sweets and desserts with chocolate.

Serving temperature: drink frozen.


50 cl. BOTTLE

Product code: 1050501
Alcohol by volume: 17% vol
Bottle EAN code: 8005765968406
Carton EAN code: 8005765968437
No. of bottles per carton: 6
Carton size in cm: Base 17x16,5 H 29
Carton weight: 6,3 Kg.
No. of cartons per platform: 112
No. of cartons per layer: 28
No. of layers per platform: 4
Platform size in cm: Base 80x120 H 130
Platform weight: 728 Kg




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