Silvio Carta


Silvio Carta was born in 1929 in Baratili San Pietro – a small agricultural town 10k from Oristano – into a peasant family. It’s the year of The Great Depression and, like many other parts of the world, Sardinia suffered its devastating consequences. The Carta family made ends meet thanks to limited supplies coming from farming and sheep rearing. In the following years, the situation worsened with the start of the Second World War.
After the war, Baratilesi – the inhabitants of Baratili San Pietro – like Silvio started to farm a vine variety ecotype that produced Vernaccia, a unique wine with incomparable organoleptic properties.
Soon, it became the most sought-after wine of the region and Baratili San Pietro was now a well-known and renowned town beyond Sardinia’s borders. Whoever was producing Vernaccia became well-off. Whether they were selling the grape or the wine.
At the beginning of the ‘60s, Vernaccia was a hit everywhere. It was a wine that costed four times more than others because – in spring and summer – its characteristics were intensified while other wines could not guarantee the same stability.
During this period, the Silvio Carta company built a big cellar in order to accommodate more than 3,000,000 litres of ageing Vernaccia.
The end of the ‘70s saw a change in the consumer lifestyle that brought the Silvio Carta company to build a distillery and a liquor-making facility in order to seize the opportunity and produce typical Sardinian liquors and spirits.


Silvio Carta s.r.l. is a production reality in Sardinia that has conquered the favours of the public beyond regional borders thanks to a broad range of excellent quality products in the field of liquors and spirits. Elio, son of the founder Silvio, is at the head of the company and combines an unquestioned managerial ability with a solid technical pedigree, developed through years of hard work after getting his degree in 1972 at the prestigious Technical Institute of Oenology in Conegliano Veneto. Thanks to his years of experience, the founder Silvio Carta still even now contributes to the success of the company, which mixes the constant research of innovative solutions with a meticulous respect for traditions.
From 2011, the Silvio Carta company has achieved its aim to separate its productions through the use of two distinct branches, with undeniable advantages from a production and business logistics point of view. While the historic plant in Baratili San Pietro (OR), with its 5,000 sqm of covered surface goes back to its ancient tradition of producing wine, the new plant in Zeddiani (OR), furnished with very modern equipment to allow advanced production and packaging technologies and around 20,000 sqm of covered surface, will concentrate its production on liquors and spirits and will inaugurate a line dedicated to developing essential oil production.


The company philosophy that governs Silvio Carta productions is expressed in the famous slogan 'Armonia della natura' ('Harmony in nature'), a cornerstone of the company's advertising campaigns. This simple phrase summarises the working method of the Carta family: always respect the environment. We can state without fear of contradiction that it was not a coincidence – indeed the final point of a long journey – that the company was the earliest to launch on the market the first organic Mirto many years ago. An achievement the Silvio Carta company is understandably very proud of. In line with the logic of eco-friendly productions, the company introduced technological innovations that allow to achieve maximum energy savings, renewable energy production and waste recovery for biomass production. The Silvio Carta company can be classified as GREEN and in harmony with nature.