Silvio Carta


Technical data

Typology: Gin
Bottle size: 70 cl.
Alcohol content: 40% Vol.
Aspect:: transparent, clear.
Scent: typical of Gin, with citrus tree flavours and recalls of Sardinian spontaneous herbs.
Taste: spicy, with a large note of botanical herbs from the maquis and a typical aftertaste of gin.



Boigin is a different kind of gin compared to the previous types. Lemon, tangerine and orange peel have been added. This gives it more body and freshness. The cones are collected by hand and transported inside specific containers made of woven canes to avoid any damage. The discontinuous distillation is carried out in copper stills. The infusion is slowly warmed and, during the entire distillation process, the thermal condition is kept just above the alcohol evaporation temperature. The obtained distilled liquor is clear and transparent, with a high alcohol by volume (about 80%), which needs to rest for at least one month in order to reach a complete homogenization. It is bottled after dilution to bring the alcohol by volume to 40%. Ideal and surprising for an Italian Gin & Tonic.




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