Silvio Carta

Technical data

Typology: Grappa
Bottle size: 70 cl.
Alcohol content: 40% Vol.
Aspect: amber with gold tinges due to ageing.
Scent: delicate, refined, with floral notes that recall the raw material.
Taste: smooth and floral with notes of almond, honey and green apple that fade into a slight sensor of vanilla and chocolate.



It is a Grappa obtained by the distillation of different types of pomaces that were previously left fermenting together for about 30/60 days in order to create a unique product. The fermentation days depend on various factors, one of which is the initial sugar concentration. Then, the pomaces undergo discontinuous distillation, with the cut of heads and tails in a copper still. The distilled product is left ageing naturally for over a year in small chestnut barrels, some of which are a hundred years old. Superb at the end of a meal with chocolates to highlight the intense fragrance. It is recommended to be consumed at room temperature.




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